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Samsung has been leading the smartphone camera experience bandwagon followed by Huawei and later Apple and now the South-Korean tech-titan wants to go even one step ahead by implementing an array of tilted camera sensors for a greater focal length.

In a patent pointed by the dutch blog Let’s go digital, talks about the benefits of such a highly synchronized image lens system that Samsung is planning to bring this in its next generation of flagships.

As you can see in the image below when Samsung’s wide-angle lens camera cluster is in normal-mode all cameras pointing straight, while in tilt-mode, each of the cameras is mechanically tilted (horizontally and vertically) within the phone’s body and each one of them is pointing in a certain direction.

Image Credits: Let’s Go Digital. com (W stands for Wide-angle camera, while T is a Telephoto Camera)

Doing so will allow the user to capture what’s dubbed as a pano-bokeh shot/effect, which in layman’s terms is a high-res panorama with a very insane quality of multi-based Bokeh (background blur). Such camera trickery is not present in any of the present smartphones yet.

This clear say’s one thing that the camera megapixel war will come to an end and unique smartphone photography experiences are in the upcoming menu. It is expected that Samsung’s 2021 flagships might end up getting such tilted camera’s or Samsung might also launch a dedicated camera smartphone with it’s 5 or 6 camera tilted wizardry; which will consist of 5 tilted wide-angle camera sensors coupled with a single Telephoto sensor for highly detailed zoom shots.

It’s not a new deal that we have seen moving camera parts in smartphones as Samsung first started with a variable aperture camera’s then came along the popup-camera’s. So,  tilting camera sensors won’t be that challenging but stitching the results together and bringing a perfect shot is, in which Google Pixel holds mastery.

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Moreover, in the mainstream camera industry tilted camera sensor has been in use for quite some time for architectural as well as for landscape shooting and Samsung is aiming to bring such level of camera experiences to a smartphone is nothing but deserves loud applause.

Source: letsgodigital


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