A full-screen bezel-less phone in this era is not ahttps://www.zumzumbikes.com/?p=92173https://www.zumzumbikes.com/?p=92038https://www.zumzumbikes.com/?p=91905https://www.zumzumbikes.com/earn-money-by-writing-essays-online/https://www.zumzumbikes.com/essay-testing-fsu jersey brock purdy jersey fsu jersey brock purdy jersey florida jersey deuce vaughn jersey brandon aiyuk jersey deuce vaughn jersey brandon aiyuk jersey deuce vaughn jersey oregon ducks jersey oregon ducks jersey florida jersey johnny manziel jersey deuce vaughn jersey tips/https://www.zumzumbikes.com/how-to-become-a-term-paper-writer/https://www.zumzumbikes.com/how-to-create-your-custom-term-paper-writing-service-work-for-you/https://www.zumzumbikes.com/look-for-term-papers-for-sale-online/ new thing unless you discount the bottom chin on almost every other phone; however, that won’t be the case now, as Xiaomi has secured a pretty unique patent regarding a true completely bezel-less display smartphone design with 0% chin on any of its sides from the Chinese National Intellectual property office.

As you can see in the image below, the representational device model submitted by xiaomi here is a normal bar phone with an interesting all-screen bezel-less display on the front, with notch nonsense. Not even the reserver notch can be seen here which was previously said to be the case.

The device appears to be pretty thick and this might be the case due to the fact that there’s no place on the front of the display for a sensor and a front selfie camera. This then points to the fact it will be using the rumored under-display camera technology and most of the essentials sensors must have also been moved under the display; rather than anything popping up from the sides. This looks quite similar to the renders made by the dutch blog letsgodgital and now we’re seeing more evidence about this rumored device in the form of more schematics for patents arising every month.

Still one can’t rule out the pop-up thing fact, as you can see in the schematics above, there’re some cylindrical shaped extrusions on the top side of this full-screen device. And in one image they’re shown to have raised a bit, while in the other image from the same angle, they’re raised down and are flushed within the device’s side-frame.

It doesn’t even seem like a headphone jack, why would a headphone jack rise up? If it’s not any pop-up camera than these might have some really special functions, about which is not known at the moment.

Finally, this brings a pretty interesting twist with those special buttons or maybe some mechanically rising sensors along with the full-screen themed phone. You can consider such tech to show up on the next-gen mi mix devices.

Source: laoyaoba


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