Here we have a Samsung smartphone that survived a bullet and all this begun after a debate took place in forums on Samsung vs Apple then an interesting picture popped up on Reddit a couple of days ago, which shows us a Samsung Galaxy S9+ completely damaged with none other bullets. As you can see in this picture a Bullet straightway went into the handset. However, how this happened and whether the Galaxy S9+ protected the person and he survived the horrific scene is still unknown. Another thing you can notice here is that the display got frozenĀ in the middle of the home screen.

Now many of you might wonder how is this even possible? Many might think that this is a dummy unit but if you look closely you can see some manually installed apps, which doesn’t come with a dummy unit. Such units don’t even have a display, instead, a card is placed over the screen. The display seems frozen because there’s a buffer memory .that’s always within the display data line and the view the display renders here is from that buffer memory line. For now, there’s no way to know whether the person carrying this is still alive or was this just an experiment to see whether the Galaxy S9+ can stop a bullet or not.

A Samsung Galaxy S9+ shot and display freeze

And from the looks of this image mentioned above, we think that it could have penetrated the rear panel and also remember that the rear panel is a glass, which will shatter and probably glass shards also coming your way right? Nonetheless, someone would again try this when the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 comes out later next month on 9th August. In the past, Nokia phones have been spotted to take a bullet and saving people, we hope that Samsung’s build quality is also on par with them.

Via: Reddit


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