Benelli leaving Indian market? is the new question that has been rising for a couple of weeks now and Benelli fans as well as bike enthusiasts all over the country have been worried about the same; that from now on Benelli will close its dealers, no spare will be made available and all Benelli bike’s resale value will fall like anything. However, that’s not the actual case, Benelli leaving the Indian market was first raised due to the crisis on DSK group; who was responsible for bringing Benelli to the Indian markets is now ending the tie-up.

However, with that, said Benelli is not going anywhere, and it has just changed the management and is now in new hands. Mahavir Group will be the new name which will be associated with Benelli and will now on handle everything for the group, this also changed Benelli’s new India office from Pune to Hyderabad.

Mahavir Group is a big player and also happens to be an existing dealership of Benelli, and now the group will not only be the regular dealership but also set up new plants for spares, sale and service centers as well. Mahavir group also handles the business of other big brands such as Dailamer’s Mercedes-Benz, Skoda, Isuzu and another bike brand with them is Indian Motorcycles.

So, they have a long list of clients and a lot of experience, let’s see how this affects the service and existing dealerships of Benelli, whether it worsen’s or improves 2x better. Moreover, this should now clear all doubts regarding Benelli and DSK’s changing different paths and will further settle’s the case. DSK separated from Benelli because the DSK group was found the culprit in a 2,000 crore Rupees fraud. Hyosung is another Bike brand under DSK, well there’s still no info, on what happens with them.

Via: zigwheels


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