WhatsApp the world’s largest messaging service now has over a billion users and growing further is the best messaging app. However, sometimes it might feel like its missing some features or maybe the features it has you might now want it at all? So, for this need, there are a variety of WhatsApp mods being made available for such needs which are tailored made for a specific purpose and as a bonus comes packed with a ton of exciting features which you wish were present on the original app in the first place. And in this post, we will take a look at such Best WhatsApp mods which you should know about and what features do they offer to enhance your user experience to the next level.

GBWhatsApp Features and Download latest version

The most featured rich WhatsApp mod ever made, featuring all the things that you wish the original WhatsApp would have ever implemented but unfortunately, they won’t. However, with GBWhatsApp you have full control over your Settings such as privacy, visibility, going stealth, customizing the look with heaps of themes and countless more functions.

Quick Highlights of GBWhatsApp
  • Send large size videos
  • Theming
  • Message Scheduling
  • Dual-Accounts
  • Hiding online status and privacy

Has support for popular languages, change notification icons, add more colors to the UI, everything is here which was not possible on the original WhatsApp messenger. Also, it can back up your data similar to many popular backup services.

Ability to send more than 50 videos at once to multiple accounts which gives you a lot of sharing power and will up your video sending capacity to a large extent. You can even schedule messages with GBWhatsApp, for them to send later. Furthermore, Dual-accounts is also supported with GbWhatsApp.

Not only can you send more number of videos, but you can also send videos of very large sizes, such as more than 200MB or 400MB.

Download Latest GBWhatsApp APK (old APK)


WhatsApp Prime  (NEW)

With WhatsApp Prime, you now gain the ability to fake your location which could come in handy in some situations, say like you’re being late and tell your friend that you have almost reached, but then traffic shows up near the block.

Other features of WhatsApp prime includes the ability to send links directly to Telegram, zooming in and out of pictures, mute conversations for more than an hour, a new collection of material design emojis, sending same pick to multiple chats with just one tap. And othe regular features are baked into it as usual.

Here’s the Download link for WhatsApp prime’s latest APK

Download Latest WhatsApp Prime APK 

WhatsApp Pro (NEW)

This is a new entry into the world of Modded WhatsApp mods apk and this one comes with some pretty Significant features such as Dark Mode, Anti-ban bypass, removed read more for long messages, pattern and pin lock is now inbuilt, the ability to hide your stories from specific contacts.

Download Link for WhatsApp pro is below

Download WhatsApp Prime Latest APK

FMWhatsApp Features and Download new version

FMWhatsApp is also one of the most popular mods of the world’s largest messaging service, which from hiding your blue ticks and online status, does more. Such as you can be online forever or freeze your online last seen time.

Quick Highlights of FM WhatsApp
  • Calling control
  • In-built updater
  • Anti-message Delete
  • Stable bugless built
  • Icon Changer
  • Hides you after viewing others status

A vast variety of languages are also supported in this one, as well as you get vast themes to spice up the look of your FMWhatsApp. This mod also comes full control on who calls, you either the people from your contact or no one and much more.

Another exciting feature that FMWhatsApp brings is the ability to hide you after viewing someone’s WhatsApp status, which is a handy feature if you want to stay anonymous after watching someone’s status, you won’t appear on their Status’s seen list at all.

Other features such as anti-delete message is also built-in which won’t permit others to delete messages sent to you. Which is a good feature if someone sends something to you deletes it before you see it. Now you will know what was in that message, without installing any other app for that same purpose.

FMWhatsApp has the built-in updater, and what this updater does is that notifies you about the latest version available for FMWhatsApp and also downloads and updates it automatically for you. So, you don’t have to hunt for the APK file on websites.

Download Latest version of FMWhatsAPP APK


YCWhatsApp is the newest mod among the bunch and sports an iOS-style WhatsApp experience for Android users. It is clean, minimalistic and gives a sense of space with the all-white design and simple touches here and there.

Quick Highlights of YCWhatsApp
  • Apple’s iOS Style look
  • Minimalistic design
  • New animations
  • Standard GBWhatsApp features

Like most of the WhatsApp mods discussed above this one is also made by a talented developer who goes by the Sam and this is his newest update for the YCWhatsApp mod. You also get the regular GBWhatsApp privacy, blue tick hiding features and more.

New icons for almost everything and hidden tips and tricks section is also present here.

Download Latest YCWhatsApp APK   | Direct Download Latest YCWhatsApp APK

Transparent WhatsApp mod (Best Stable WhatsApp mod)

This is one of the most interesting mods that we have seen and I personally use it as my daily driver. So, what transparent WhatsApp does is that all the background within the user interface of this mod is transparent and you see your cool wallpaper all the time. Even if you’re in your chat window or be it any settings window the transparent UI lets you view your currently set background wallpaper all the time.

Quick Highlights of Transparent WhatsApp 
  • Transparent User Interface
  • New internal transparent icons
  • Standard GBWhatsApp features

Which is very cool, if you have a great collection of wallpapers at your disposal. It adds more to the look and feel of the UI; with this great see-thru feature. However, some fonts may not play well with these so, that’s one thing to keep in mind, while rest of the things that we discussed earlier with GBWhatsApp is also carried over here, as at the end of the day this is based on GBWhatsApp.

Download Latest version Transparent WhatsApp APK

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SMWhatsApp mod

SMWhatsApp is a simple WhatsApp mod, which is based on the most latest version of WhatsApp and has a blue skin on it which is consistent throughout the user interface. The problem with themes on GBWhatsApp is sometimes that some of the texts are out of place and not aligned properly.

Quick Highlights of SMWhatsApps
  • Highly Stable
  • Blue UI theme
  • Some GBWhatsApp features

You also get a couple of cool features which we have already discussed with GBWhatsApp and FMWhatsApp just minus the themes from it.

Download latest SMWhatsApp APK

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Geek WhatsApp mod

Image Credits: whatsappmods. com

This one has a new menu sliding from the side, ability to send very high-resolution images and that’s the only different thing here while keeping all the features, mods found in the GBWhatsApp the same.

Quick Highlights of GeekWhatsApp
  • New side-sliding Navigation Menu
  • Online activity hiding features
  • Ability to send large files

It’s more refined and stable mods of WhatsApp yet and you find the Download Link give below.

However, some reader might wonder what about end-to-end encryption which is super vital for your security and yes these apps have it. But you never know, when there’s a backdoor implemented within them.

Download Latest GeekWhatsApp APK

3D MIX WhatsApp mod

A newly launched WhatsApp mods which brings a truly minimalistic user interface with all the features that you get with GBWhatsApp is here. It is quite stable and has a couple of new features which you should look for.

Highlights of 3D Mix WhatsApp mod
  • One Click DND mod
  • Brand new 3D icons in the user interface
  • 3D icons for almost every customizable element (launcher icon, upload media icons and more)
  • Logs files are also supported here
  • In-built language switcher with all popular languages
  • In-built font changer
  • Clean WhatsApp file checker
  • Media Size selector
  • Maximizes Status Quality of your uploaded images and videos
  • Allows to send Pictures and Videos in original size
  • Increases Status Video duration limit to 7 minutes instead of 30 seconds

The 3D Mix WhatsApp mod is one of the most stable WhatsApp mods out there and offers a neat experience and features.

Download Latest 3D Mix WhatsApp APK

Nonetheless, these aren’t made by hackers, it’s the hard work of many talented developers who have put their precious time developing features and functions which the official WhatsApp won’t give us.






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