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OnePlus starts pushing OxygenOS Open Beta 22/24 Update for OnePlus 5T/5

OnePlus is getting pretty good with software updates and the company is still keen on supporting its former flagships, and this can be witnessed as OnePlus is now rolling out a...

Download the Latest OnePlus Launcher version 3.2.0 APK file

Download the latest OnePlus launcher APK as the company has started pushing this new Update of its user interface which is known for it's clean and fast performance. And now this...

OnePlus 2019 leaked with huge camera module, probably a OnePlus 7 prototype?

A new OnePlus smartphone has been seen in an image which supposed to be taken in a confidential meeting of the company and we can see in the presentation within the...

Download Google Pixel 3 Ringtones via Pixel SOUNDS app APK

Google has now updated the Pixel Sounds ringtone app to the latest version v2.0 and now it works very well, which earlier it didn't back in July when it first arrived....

Samsung rolls out Android Pie Beta Update 2 for Galaxy Note 9

Samsung's Galaxy Note 9 is now receiving another Android Pie beta Update and this is the second iteration of the latest flavor of Android for the mighty flagship. And this one...