Pixel 3 camera for OnePlus 6T

OnePlus 6 and the OnePlus 6T are the best budget flagships of the year and offer the best bang for your buck along with that they also come with a decent set of camera’s but still falls short when compared to a Galaxy S9 or the Camera beast Google Pixel 3. But not anymore, as there’s a good Camera Port of the Google Pixel 3 is now available especially for the OnePlus 6T as well as the OnePlus 6. As you already know, that the Google Pixel 3 is currently Camera King and it’s not only because of hardware but also the software of image processing comes into play and that same software known as Google Camera from the Pixel 3 is now made available for OnePlus 6T users.

This latest Camera port from the Pixel 3 to the OnePlus 6T beings all the latest features from the top camera processing app and the following list of enhancements that you get with the Google Pixel Camera.

  • Night Mode
  • Night Sight
  • Faster Capturing Speeds
  • Faster Auto-Focusing
  • Google Portrait Mode
  • Zoomed Portraits
  • Enhanced HDR+
  • Photobooth
  • AR Stickers

Along with these, it has been also reported by many users, about the HDR+ Shots getting captured under 1 Seconds or less, which is huge improvements and just shows us that how capable the Camera hardware is on the OnePlus 6T and this Google Pixel 3 Camera port is doing the justice to it.

Image Credits: bp328i from XDA, Image Edit: pulsemouse.com

It doesn’t only stop there, early users of the Camera port have also pointed out that the selfie and rear portrait/bokeh shots are much more refined and it also captures it faster compared to the stock camera app. It has been also reported by many users that the details are also better as the Pixel Ported camera here preserved the over-exposed text, while the stock app failed.

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Yes, the camera app is still in beta stage and works fine, yes you could encounter some crashes here and there, but that’s acceptable and doesn’t get annoying that it might become unusable. So, you’re perfectly fine using it as your daily driver, however, do consider this little issues. For instance, the slow-motion option is a little glitchy and might not work sometimes and other than that switching from the front and rear camera might take a second or more, but rest works flawlessly.

Image Credits: androidauthority | Pixel 3 Camera user interface

And the difference between picture quality processed from this Pixel 3 Ported Camera is quite noticeable. And all this camera awesomeness is available by just installing an APK file and the link for the same can be found below, which is from Google Drive, so you don’t need to worry about installing any malware.

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Now if you need to learn more about this Google Pixel 3 Camera port for OnePlus 6T and OnePlus 6 you should surely visit the original XDA thread, where all users share their experience of this software and find out more interesting related things.

How to install Google Pixel Camera (Gcam) on OnePlus 6T and OnePlus 6

Just Download the APK file and to install it, go to your file explorer and search for the downloaded apk file and hit on install, if you get an error, then go to Settings > Security and within that menu toggle/enable the Unknown Sources option and the error will go away and after installing the Camera apk again disable the unknown sources option.

Stay tuned for more, as the Stable version gets released soon by the end of this year.

   Download Google Pixel Camera port for the OnePlus 6T APK file

Source: XDA Developers


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