The megapixel wars are getting out of hand these days with now according to new leaks which shows a Xiaomi Mi device sporting an insane mother of all overkills 108 Megapixel Camera on the rear of this device. Which happens to be Mi CC9 Pro. This newly leaked Mi CC9 Pro has a total of 5 cameras at its disposal along with two Dual-tone LED flash. This is one of the four devices that Xiaomi will launch with Samsung’s new 108 Megapixel sensors.

And near the vertical camera cluster you can see the 108 MP branding along with that it also mentions 5X Optical Zoom capabilities, Multi-OIS Support and even if it’s Digital zoom 5X the resolution is plenty enough here to crop in at the image take with this monster of a mi phone.

Whether or not you might be able to take 108 MP pictures in its full raw glory still remains to be explored, but this could also bring the Quad-Pixel technology which combines 4 pixels into 1 and could take shots at 25 MP or similar, you get the point.

Image Credits: weibo user: Repeater 002 | Slashleaks

Other Camera present here might include, that tiny one at the bottom is definitely a Depth sensor probably at 5 to 8 MPs. The 108 Megapixel sensor sits above it, while the three present in that group could possibly end up being a Wide-angle, Action Camera and a Macro lens new trend started by Motorola with its One series of smartphones is getting noticed.

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Mi CC9 Pro benchmarks as Xiaomi Tucana maybe ?

Image Credits: Slashleaks .com

Update: 28th 10/19: New benchmarks surfaced of a device codenamed Tucana, is probably the Mi CC9 Pro with a high-end Snapdragon processor which is none other than 730. However, on weibo it is said that the processor is average. maybe the Tucana could be a whole new different device.

Moreover, the speculation for specs for a device of such caliber should start from at least a premium upper mid-range device. Which will be packing a Snapdragon 730 or we won’t be surprised if it came with a Snapdragon 855+ that image processing surely needs some horsepower.¬†Usual 6GB/64GB and 8GB/128 GB Models with fast UFS 3 storage is what this will have surely.


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Finally, the main highlight here was the inclusion of such a high megapixel count sensor in a smartphone, taking smartphone photography top new-level, can’t imagine how this will perform when someone from XDA ports an Astrophotography G-Cam mod for this. Which this device should already have. The Mi CC9 Pro is launching on the 5th of November and the Mi CC9 Pro will be priced under $549.

Source: Slashleaks 


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