Google’s Chrome browser has been improving since ages now and with every new feature and update it keeps getting better and now Google is planning to bring a new type of indicators which is known as google chrome slow site indicator for both Android, iOS which will let users know whether a website usually takes longer to load or not.

This means the indicator will show a slow loading symbol for a particular website if it takes more than time to load than similar websites which have a tendency to load faster due to more resources.

This will thus benefit the website owners that their visitor jus

Image Show the Google Chrome’s new Site Speed Indicator screen |
Image Credits: com/u/6219358645

t won’t go away like they previously did because now the visitor has been given an elegant loading indication about the site’s loading performance and thus now there’s more chance of you getting that visitor into your site even if it’s loading slowly.

Moreover, this will also be proved to be beneficial for users as well because they might now get to explore those websites and their useful content which were just neglected by the visitors due to slow loading times.

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Overall, I would say this is a win-win situation for everyone, small bloggers as well as for visitors/users who would miss out on the hidden gems a small slow loading blog is housing. Now you will know which web sites are loading slow and which ones are super fast at load times and you should probably wait for a couple more seconds instead of just leaving it.

As you can see in the screenshots above how the new Google Chrome update will display a splash screen style indication for an average loading website. It has long been proved in the field of user experience in software design that adding a loading or a progress bar for a task that takes a little longer to load will make the user stay for longer and will have better results of them reaching the last stage of the tasks, with an one application which doesn’t have such a convenience.

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