The Google Pixel 4 XL’s screen guard has been revealed and with that it confirms that the Google flagship will sport a dual selfie camera on the front with a Galaxy S10 Plus like punch-hole  display. While another detail here to look for is that the bottom bezel is much smaller than what we have seen in many 2019 phones, but on the good side the Pixel 4 Xl houses a front-firing speaker within the bottom bezel.

You also probably have stereo speakers with this one as there’s a noticeably larger grill on the top as well, i.e the earpiece.

Google Pixel 4 XL is aiming for a completely edge-to-edge design with the dual punch hole display and spreading the bezels equally around will help it achieve atleast 89% screen-to-body ratio.

However, one odd thing we notice is that, dual-selfie punch hole in the display on the front seems to be much larger than what we have seen on the likes of the Galaxy S10 Plus and some honor phones. You can even notice that how huge the cut-out is in the screen guard, which is here from Skinomi.

Moreover, this does adds some strength to the over all frame and it won’t be super fragile. It’s a good thing that Google’s hardware division is not much interested with a pop-camera, as moving parts just make it more prone to mechanical damage.

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Apart from that, the Pixel 4 XL will sport the latest and the greatest, Snapdragon 855 chip, 6GB and 8GB RAM variants and will max out at 256GB of on-board storage. We would love to see Google throwing in some 90Hz display action, but that again a battery under 4000mAh will surely suffer from luxury of buttery smoothness, yes, you do compromise on battery there.

via: Slashleaks


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