Google is rolling out a latest play store update which revamps the entire market place in terms of design and now we get a full fledged material user interface along with few speed optimizations. And it’s not just the Google Play store but also other Google apps such as Google Keep, Drive, Calender, Home and so on have been refreshed with this new UI.

As there’s a lot of minute information to be shown to the users and now with this new material UI, we can see how Google has managed to get the info and design right which is now more readable and there’s a lot of breathing space here. It now doesn’t look like everything is thrown at your face. As you see in these screen-shots shared by 9to5 Google.

Another amazing news is that in a tear-down some snippets of code have pointed out to a possible System Updates happening directly from the Google Play Store. But some Android OEMs will deal with this is what still remains to be seen, once it’s out.

Everything is a lot cleaner now and more pleasing to navigate around the Android Play Store, you can also expect from Android Q like goodies baked into it. Now the new designed will roll out to all users from a server-side update, until then you should be ready with the latest Google Play Store Update.


Download Google Play Store v14.5.52 APK


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