Huawei is rolling out a new exciting Update for the Honor View 10 which is also known as Honor V10 in other global markets. The latest Update for the Honor View 10 is the highly awaited GPU Turbo Upgrade, which the Chinese Telecom giant promised a couple of weeks ago. So, the Honor View 10 GPU Turbo Update will offer a boost to the GPU by optimizing the GPU using AI, here Huawei uses TensorFlow to train a particular game to the AI then its algorithms churn out the best possible settings in which the game can be run smoothly and by consuming super low energy.

Honor View 10 GPU Turbo Update has arrived for the model BKL-L09 and along with GPU Turbo, it also brings Artificial Image Stabilization, which will help to smooth out the shaky video recording at all resolutions hopefully. lately, Huawei has put the AI to good use and after the GPU Turbo update AI image stabilization is a noteworthy feature and will make sure your recorded videos are smoother than ever.

Honor View 10 GPU Turbo Update
Honor View 10 GPU Turbo Update, Image Credits: theandroidsoul. com

Speaking about the Update which is rolling out in some regions, except it also comes to your markets in the coming weeks, as such updates do not show up on all devices at the very same time, they move in phases covering a particular region at a time. Till then you keep checking for the update manually once a day, by heading over to Settings > About Phone > System Software Update.

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Another thing to note here is that Huawei could also bring the Android Pie 9.0 Update for the device, but we are not 100% sure, but the Honor Play has started receiving it in some regions as a beta update. We will also keep you updated on the Android Pie 9.0 Update front for the Honor View 10. But now enjoy an optimized gaming experience with the Huawei Honor View 10 GPU Turbo Update.

Also, do share your gaming experience in the comments below after you have installed and used to a device for a couple of hours and if you discover that the games run more smoothly now without draining the battery like they did earlier.


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