Huawei’s new patent hints at a possible foldable display flip phone similar to what the world has witnessed a couple of days ago with the return of the Legendary Motorola Razr. The foldable flip phone that Huawei intends to launch has been leaked in these new patents shows the device from the front and rear. This device comes with a triple camera setup on the rear with a vertical cluster approach and has the signature Huawei Leica lenses.

While on the front you can see a completely bezel-less foldable display panel without any notch. The front foldable display of the Huawei flip phone extends all the way to the bottom with any noticeable chin, the Motorola Razr has one because that is its own design language. This means the fingerprint scanner in this foldable Huawei flip phone could be under the display.

Overall the device looks quite sleek and thin when fully opened, however, they’re no further images of it being completely folded down like the Motorola Razr does. The colored rendered is just the top rear chopped in half for representation.

The main thing to be seen here is how Huawei handles the folding display without any noticeable crease and the durability of the folding mechanism which involved internal hinges and supporting arms. Moreover, pricing for these Huawei’s foldable flip phones will decide it’s fate in the market should be under $1000; but what we can say is that the year 2020 will be the year of foldable flip phones for sure. With this in its arsenal, Huwaei will have a Motorola Razr and a Galaxy Fold rival both in its portfolio.

Source: weibo and renders by 9techeleven 


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