Legendary Italian Super-bike maker Ducati is up for a partnership with Indian Biker maker Hero Motor Corp who is well known for its market-leading budget commuter bikes in the Indian sub-continent. Ducati and Hero have joined forces to launch a new 300cc motorcycle which will take on the current 300cc segment leader KTM with their Duke 390 and also it also plans to take on BMW’s newly launched 300c GS twins which are in the premium 300cc market with Indian Brand TVS.

So, Ducati saw that TVS is already with BMW and so the next major player of the Indian origin is obviously Hero, who earlier had good ties with Japanese Honda. And now from Japanese partnership, here we have Ducati holding hands with Hero which is a major milestone of the Indian brand.

Image shows the Ducati XDiavel

Moreover, this will work similar to what we saw in BMW and TVS’s partnership, here also Ducati will take care of the Design, which you know what to expect and is going to be phenomenal and will put every other motorcycle to shame in terms of looks. Furthermore, Ducati will also handle the R&D part as well as develop an engine and a new platform with Hero.

Small Fact: Ducati is owned by Lamborghini”

Which both will share just like how we see BMW and TVS have different products catering in the same 300cc segment using the same platform but different in terms of usability and body styling, which we hope to see being design by Ducati, because of the new Karizma R is absolutely disproportioned.

What Engine and type of bike is planned by Hero and Ducati?

  • 300cc to 320cc
  • Single Cylinder
  •  One Fully-Faired by Hero is expected
  • One Off-roader and One Scrambler style by Ducati

We think Hero will go for a fully faired bike like to rival the Apache 310RR and RC 390, while Ducati will spawn a mini version of it’s Multistrada as well as a lite Scrambler version is in cards as per reports.

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Ducati might not open brand new showrooms for this, instead, it might use Hero’s vast existing network of dealers and service centers to get its legs strong in the Indian market. And what’s the best place to kickstart a new 300cc platform other than India?  BMW has done it and is quite successfully exporting its GS twins, so why can’t Ducati which has not a huge vendor reach in India by is already quite well known.

What price should we expect from Ducati and Hero’s 300cc bike?

Nonetheless, the Bike will be manufactured by Hero in India, similar to the BMW and TVS model. So, the product from Hero will be a premium one but will carry a budget price tag. While Ducati will play in the more Premium side of the market. Which brings us to the ultimate fact, which is what will be the pricing of these motorcycles? It’s Ducati here so, overprice and value for money isn’t the name of the game for the Italians here for sure.

However, Hero will surely convey the fact that how price sensitive the Indian bike market is, and keeping all those major parameters in mind, we think Hero’s product will come for at least 2.1Lakhs, while Ducati being the more legendary brand will obviously command a more premium so it’s off-roader and scrambler will be price above 3.5Lakhs. But we expect the prices won’t pass 4.5Lakhs to 5 Lakhs if they want to lead the market in terms of volumes like how KTM and Bajaj are dominating, if that’s the case, then surely start saving from now to get a Ducati at just 4 lakhs.

For now, that’s all folks, we will keep you updated more on this story on how it develops and what this partnership develops down the way. Stay tuned for more info on Ducati and Hero’s 300cc bike in India.



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