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Motorola has been announcing it’s Android One line up of smartphones left and right and now we have the Motorola One Action along with One Vision two of Motorola’s best selling budget smartphones currently. And in this post we will take a deep look at the key differences and similarities between the Motorola One Action vs the Motorola One Vision, so let’s start with it.

Differences between Motorola One Action vs One Vision

The first difference is obviously the Price where the One Vision costs marginally more than the Motorola One Action, it makes one think what’s the One Vision got over the One action and the first thing is the Cameras. Moto One Vision has a Dual camera setup, while the Motorola One Action gets triple cameras.

Cameras Hardware and Software

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The Motorola One Action has got a superior 48 Megapixel Primary Camera, compared to the One Actions 12 Megapixel primary shooter. However, don’t forget that 48 MP with Pixel binning and Quad-Pixel tech all this magic makes it about the same 12 MP pictures but with a little more detail and dynamic range.

Apart from that the One Vision’s 48 MP camera has an aperture of f/1.7, compared to the One Action’s pretty respectable f/1.8 aperture. So, both are highly capable in low-light, however now comes the main part in the Camera hardware difference, the One Vision goes ahead with its hardware (OIS)Optical Image Stabilization vs the One Action’s Electronics software stabilization. Means superior Low-light with the One Vision.

Speaking about low-light the difference just gets wider and wider with the Motorola One Vision trying to justify its price over the One Action and this one is pretty big, the Motorola One Vision has a Special Feature called Night Vision (hence the name Vision), similar to Google’s nightscape and Motorola’s Night Mode is terrific and goes head to head with the Pixel and the One Action misses on that. None of them have any zooming abilities like the Motorola One Zoom Pro.

Night Vision of Motorola One Vision


Apart from that, the Motorola One Vision’s other camera software features include Burst Shot, Auto HDR, a full 360-degree Panorama, which the One Action excludes. Now, on the other hand, Motorola One Action posses a Slow-motion video (@120fps), Landscape View Video recording which is a big one, which the Vision can’t have due to hardware limitations.

Moreover, now the Moto One Action punches back with its secret weapon that is its special third eye (lens) which is where it gets the Action name from. Just like a sports action camera Go Pro, Motorola One Action has a 16 Megapixel at f/2.2 aperture Action Camera which is highly capable of shooting smooth Ultra Wide-Angle Videos even when you hold it straight in portrait mode, which the One Vision just cannot do.

This is an Industry first feature in any smartphone. If you shoot a lot of action, sport or Vlogging videos One Action is the way to go. Unless those videos are at night every single time.

Another thing to note is that the One Action’s Action Camera can only record videos, you cannot use it for taking photos.

Now on the front, the One Vision has a whopping 25 Megapixel selfie camera within the punch hole, and the Action has a 12 MP, both at f/2.0, but the One Action has a bigger sensor size.

Display protection and Charging

Moving towards the front, the Motorola One Vision’s display is protected by a NEG hardened glass (it is a Dinorex T2X-0 2.5D glass), which is equally strong as the Corning Gorilla Glass on the rear of the Vision, compared to the IMT Glass protection on the One Action’s front and rear, which is also widely used in the smartphone industry. Just not as popular as the Corning Gorillas glass.

Moving further with some minor differences between these devices are the Action is 1mm thicker, has IPX2 rating while the One Vision has an IP52 rating and an LTPS IPS display compared to the Visions only IPS display panel.

Also, in the retail box, you will get the 15 W Turbo Power charger when you buy the One Vision, while the One Action settles for a standard 10 W Rapid Charger.

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Other Software features (Moto Experience)

Other Motorola Specific software features that the One Action doesn’t have and the One Vision has are as follows within the Moto Display you get a quick reply, music controls, Nudge to show notifications, etc.

Hence, why the Motorola One Vision is a tad bit costs more than the Motorola One Action, apart from the above-mentioned things, the rest of the Specs and Android software is the same on both these devices.





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