The LG G8 leaked in new renders looks basically like a more or same like the LG G7 ThinQ launched last year, which was overshadowed by its competitors. Which in turn made the South-Korean giant confused on what to do next, once known as the most fierce competitor to Samsung, LG has lost it’s way and now with this new design of the LG G8 we think it will be just a mere spec bump? Or will it be something different?

Update 3 [1/2/19]: LG G8 ThinQ aka LG G8 Battery Capacity leaks

Image Credits: Slashleaks. com

LG G8 thinQ according to newly leaked document will sport a decent 3400mAh battery. As you can see in the image above, the volts and the battery capacity is mentioned there. However, as per the 2019 Standards 4000mAh are the new norms, but still better than a 3000mAh pack. As more leaks come out, the LG G8 is starting to sound more and more disappointing day by day.

3400mAh Battery on the LG G8 ThinQ

We hope that it comes with a stellar camera and some revolutionary gestures that we have never seen.

Update 1 [20/1/19]: LG’s Top executive in a twitter chat with the onleaks talks about the leaks being speculative and not real, while onleaks argues to be on point, but still we think this could be 80% up there. Read the twitter thread below.

This means LG could be working on something more exciting, but do checkout the twitter thread.


Update 2:[27/1/19]: Horrifying Truth?

Image Credits. XDA-Developers. com via Slashleas. com

XDA developers revealed a fresh new render of the LG G8 thinQ and this one is exactly similar to the last one and we now also get a view of the device from all angles. And to say the least, we’re disappointed to see LG moving forward with this design, just look at that top bezel! If it’s that thick the notch shouldn’t exist. The bottom bezel isn’t thin either.

However, what we think is that here we might get some never seen before sensors on a LG Phone. And looking at that notch in those renders, we expect it to have a faceID competitor or another thing that could be here are some sensors for gesture control as a few days ago, the South-Korean giant teased in an MWC 2019(Mobile World Congress) promo where it says Goodbye Touch, which could be a big deal here and maybe that’s why that notch is there for.

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Our most wild guess is some air hand wave/movements to trigger specific apps and to scroll you might have to move your hand from top to bottom and vice versa. Furthermore, like HTC some squeezy functionality might be there? But there has to been something that should make this thing stand apart and we hope that’s not some facial recognition gimmick.


LG G8 Specs and Features

The design is basically the same, with glass rear flaunting the Dual Camera’s as well as the fingerprint reader, which means on under the display scanner while on the front we have an  edge-to-edge bezel, with a pretty noticeable top bezel with a notch from last year. But this time around we now also have Dual Camera’s on the front as well. On the right side we have the Power key and the left we got the volume rockers along with a third key; which is probably for triggering the built in Google Assistant or maybe a dedicated Camera key.

Internals will be 2019 top specs, such as the Snapdragon  855, 8GB or 10GB RAM yes, 10GB and 12GB phones will be the norm in 2019, internal storage will start from 64GB, 128GB and 256GB for the South-Korean markets. The display is expected to be also at 6.2-inches AMOLED panel with Quad-HD resolution instead of Super LCD’s they use last year. Nothing much more exciting about the LG G8 until now, but then again the Camera here could be the highlighting point similar to the Pixel phones from Google.

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LG G8 Price and Release date

Along with that Battery life in 2019 is also another important factory and the LG G8 is expected to bring best in class 4000mAh power pack. Release date will be by the end of Q1 and the device will be priced at $699 to $799, which is better compared to some other rivals who’re trying to make $1000 for a smartphone a normal deal. The competition from the likes of the upcoming OnePlus 7 and 7T might again overshadow LG’s flagship leading the struggling sales. We will keep you updated about the LG G8 as we learn more about it in the coming weeks.

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Source: Slashleaks and Onleaks



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