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Gasoline supercars and hypercars are released almost every year now and it has become a trend for auto-makers to make an electrical supercar. However, now the top tier brands are also coming into the Electric vehicle’s market with the Indian Auto-maker Mahindra’s Pininfarina planning to build a $2 Million Electric Hypercar which will have insane capabilities seen never before. Pininfarina is the creative house responsible for designing Ferrari’s for a long time. And now few details and image render of this hyper auto-mobile was made public.

As you can see in the images below, this will be as sleek as the Ferrari La Ferrari and from the rear, it seems like a Koenigsegg Regera. Mahindra already announced that it will be developing an Electric hypercar with Pininfarina equivalent to the Buggati Chiron, means will easily have 1000+ HP. And now these images are out, you can say they are damn serious about this.

Image Credits: theverge

The PFO is what they’re calling it internally, will have drivetrains from Tesla, and other electrical components outsourced from other companies say the Croatian Hypercar maker Rimac. This new $2M hypercar from Mahindra and Pininfarina will do 0 to 60 MPH in just under 2 seconds, while the charging will be also phenomenally quick on this one and they are claiming that the battery will be charged under 15 to 20 minutes which sounds insane but if they have the technology available then why not?

Coming towards the utmost important aspect of this Hyper EV is the range and as per the CEO of Pininfarina, Michael Perschke claims that this will easily munch more than 250miles to 290miles on a single charge. Which is mind-boggling for a hypercar, however, whether this range is achieved running the car in eco-mode only or the range might drop if used in say sports mode, obviously a race mode will put the Electric motors in prime performance mode and will use more energy.

Image Credits: theverge

The PFO will also have high-grade materials on the inside, such as natural leather, Alcantara, avant-garde wood finishes as the whole strategy is the follow Stella Nina McCartney’s philosophy which is an ultra luxurious high-fashion brand. Well, you need that when you want to charge $2M. With that said, the first concept might pop-up at 2019 Geneva Motor show and we can’t wait to see how this turns out and starts the EV supercar revolution. However, it’s still undeniable that a hypercar with no-sound is still not worth it with Purist auto enthusiasts. There’s no replacement for the symphony of a mighty V12.

Via: theverge


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