Moto G8 Plus vs the Redmi Note 8 Pro are currently the best smartphones in the under 15k budget segment and in this post, we will compare the two and see which one should you pick as your ultimate daily driver. One thing to note is that the Moto G8 Plus only comes in one spec variant that’s in 4GB/64GB while the Redmi Note 8 Pro comes in much more higher RAM & storage configuration but they’re also more expensive.

Moto G8 Plus vs Redmi Note 8 Pro: Specifications

The Moto G8 Plus and the Redmi Note 8 Pro both have extremely powerful chipsets, with the Redmi Note 8 Pro unleashing the power of a MediaTek Helio G90T which is a new entry by MediaTek in the upper mid-range arena, MediaTek G90T 12nm 8-Cores is clocked at 2GHz.

The Moto G8 Plus also has a tried and tested blazing fast and extremely efficient Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 at 11nm also 8 Cores clocked at 2GHz and on the GPU side, we have an Adreno 610, which might fall a little short against the Mali G76 MC4 with its 4 Cores rather than the 12 Core variant of this GPU found in the Flagships like Galaxy S10 or Huawei p30, so this is the same GPU but just with less cores to perform the job.

Both devices can play PUBG and Call of duty without any issues at medium to high graphics settings without breaking any sweat. And Redmi Note 8 will also be benefited from its vapor chamber aka liquid cooling technology.

Geekbench 5 | Benchmarks of the Moto g8 plus and Note 8 Pro are as follows:

Moto G8 Plus Single-Core score is => 320  and Multi-Core score is => 1338

Redmi Note 8 Pro Single-Core score is => 500  and Multi-Core score is => 1532


Moto G8 Plus vs Redmi Note 8 Pro: Camera

Image Credits: xeeetechcare

The Camera on the Moto G8 Plus and Redmi Note 8 Pro are also very highly capable. With the Redmi Note 8 Pro seeming extremely powerful on the Specs Sheet with its massive 64-megapixel at f/1.8 aperture main shooter compared to the Moto G8 Plus’s 48 Megapixel shooter at f/2.0 aperture, so the Redmi has a clear advantage here on paper. On main feature of the Xiaomi redmi note 8 pro is the ability to shoot at ultra Slow-motion at 960FPS which is a great addition which moto g8 + lacks.

However, the Moto G8 Plus does have some pretty solid gear up its selves, the G8 Plus hits back and crushes things with its excellent Night Vision Mode found on the Motorola One Vision and also to make things further difficult for the Redmi Note 8 Pro.

The Moto G8 Plus also has Laser Auto-Focusing system + PDAF for faster, better focusing compared to the Redmi’s PDAF, such camera focusing systems which are essentials rather than a Macro camera lens found on the Redmi.

On the flip side, both have an Action camera for wide-angle video recording, with Redmi has a 120-degree field of view at 8 Megapixels while the moto G8 Plus has 117-degree field of view but at 16 Megapixels.

Both have usual AI camera engines, but there’s a special mode called Night Vision in the G8 Plus which we have also seen on the One Vision and it takes low-light photography to the next level, it’s not that Redmi Note 8 pro can’t do low-light, but the image processing done on Moto’s Night Vision is better than Redmis Night Mode which is plenty enough useful.

Moto G8 Plus vs Redmi Note 8 Pro: Display

Image credits: C4etech

Now coming towards the display, the Moto g8 + don’t mention any gorilla glass protections, but we think it does have some sort of display protection from unknown brands, that’s how these brands have managed to cut costs.

Updated: 1/11/19: Motorola Moto G8 Plus has Panda Glass protection which is an alternative to gorilla glass. So, yes the G8 Plus is protected from the front from scratches. Meanwhile, the Redmi has Gorilla Glass 5 on the front and back.

On the display size, the Moto G8 Plus is a 6.3-inch Max-Vision 19:9 panel, while the Note 8  Pro has a massive 6.56-inch display both Full-HD+ and slim bezels all around. The screen to body ratios are 81.2% on Moto G8 plus and 84% screen to body ratio on the Redmi Note 8 pro.

Moreover the Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro has an impressive HDR-enabled display, while the Moto G8 Plus settles for a vivid LTPS IPS display, so the Netflix viewers will be benefited from the Redmi, except for great Audio the Moto G8 + Punches back with it’s Dolby Atmos Audio enabled Stereo Speakers found on the top and bottom.

Moto G8 Plus vs Redmi Note 8 Pro BATTERY

The battery is slightly larger on the Redmi Note 8 Pro at 4500mAh and you also get 18W fast charger, while the Motorola G8 plus has a respectable 4000mAh with its 18W Turbo Charger.

Both should equally match each other as the Redmi might consume a little more due to it has to push more pixels on its larger 6.56-inch display compared to the 6.3-inch on Moto and also it needs to keep in check its Liquid cooling system, so there’s that.

Moto G8 Plus vs Redmi Note 8 Pro: Software and Updates

Image Credits: pocket-link. com

Coming towards the software and the Motorola G8 plus has clean stock android without any bloatware, Android Pie 9.0 stock android and also it comes with all the Moto features you expect from it to have like active-display, quick flash and camera launch gesture.

On the Redmi Note 8 Pro, we have Amazon’s Alexa in-built which isn’t really the first, as we have seen this earlier in the Moto X4. The Redmi runs MIUI 10 on top of Android 9 pie, but don’t worry it will be updated to the latest MIUI 11. On small issue we have this software is the inclusion of ads in the user interface which might annoy some users, thus falls shorts compared to Moto’s take software.

Speaking more about software both OEMs are not known for software updates. However just expect one major update to Android 10 from Motorola, while the Redmi will also get MIUI 11 and later versions from Xiaomi. Security updates will be offered on both devices for 2 years.

Moto G8 Plus vs Redmi Note 8 Pro: Price and Final verdict

Moto G8 Plus priced at Rs.13,999 INR /- 4GB/64GB

Redmi Note 8 Pro at Rs.14,999 INR /- 6GB/64GB

A Motorola more cheaper than a Redmi that says something on how much the Moto G8 Plus is important phone for the American giant.

Pricing of both these devices are pretty cheap as whatever they offer are more than enough for this premium budget segment and the Redmi Note 8 Pro higher RAM and storage variants are more of a flagship status and will suffice everyone if you’re willing to shell out more.

If you want a gaming phone the Redmi’s processor is specially tuned for that purpose and will heat less with its liquid cooling technology, 6GB RAM as a base variant and also more storage on higher variants, the HDR 10 display perfect for your daily gaming needs. But that doesn’t mean the Moto G8 Plus cannot be a gaming phone, G8 Plus with its tried and tested SD 665 is powerful contender but for just 2K INR more, you will be in a good company especially for gamers.

Now if you don’t intend to do a lot of heavy gaming then the Moto G8 Plus is more than enough for your day to day to tasks and needs, also has a slightly better camera and faster focusing and stereo speakers along with the sheer speed of Pure stock android. You simply can’t go wrong with both.


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