Motorola’s Force moniker on a phone means beefy spec, battery and special abilities such as an unbreakable display, larger battery and more. And the last Z force we got was in the form of Moto Z2 force and in the third iteration that’s the Moto Z3, we didn’t had a force model and now as per a new tweet from Motorola’s official account it say’s there are no plans to release a any more Moto Z phones this year. That straight away say no to any more variants of the Moto Z4, so we will not have any Moto Z4 Force or a Moto Z4 Play, this, year.

That means, more things are in store and we will get a brand new flagship from motorola, whether it revives the Moto X line or maybe a completely different series of phones, that will replace the Moto Z4 force as a flagship device. We have already seen a quadruple camera smartphone leaks previously and could be a new flagship. However, a reddit user to whom Amazon went ahead and shipped the Moto Z4 even before the phone was launched, did mentioned that he saw screen-protectors listed for moto z4 force and moto z4 play were present, but looks like the official word is all have until something about the cancel moto z4 force project pops up.

Or maybe it could be the Moto One Pro, which will be a more premium and beefy version of the already launched Motorola Moto One Vision. Moreover, the upcoming Motorola Razr could also be positioned as a foldable flagship and from Lenovo’s press event at its home country, we can clearly say that the Razr is in works at Motorola’s Chicago headquarters.

Now the Moto Z4 is using a Snapdragon 675, while the Motorola Razr is rumored to run on a Snapdragon 710, and there’s no news about the quad camera Motorola phone from the leaks, which will probably settle for a SD 730. That still makes room for an SD 855 flagship and we think that a newline up is coming which will sport some bleeding edge specs.

At the Moto Z4’s press event, Motorola’s current strategy is more focused on profitability and it is in profit now, so that could just point out that the company is gearing up for some cash pile to setup a R&D project on what’s upcoming in store for us, but looks like it’s the Moto Z4 force this year.



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