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Update Motorola One Fusion Specs and Price revealed carries a 700 series processor, 4GB RAM, quad-camera price under 15k launching by the end of Q2 and more.

Motorola’s One fusion series is growing every year with new devices with each one carrying a unique set of features. And now we are about to get fresh new smartphones namely the Motorola One Fusion Plus and the Motorola One Fusion. Both devices are expected to be launched by the end of Q2 this 2020.

Image Credits: evleaks

This exclusive leak was brought to us by none other than Evan Blass and he also mentions the Motorola One Fusion is codenamed as Titan while the Motorola One Fusion+ is codename as Liberty. The codenamed Titan was also used for the previous Moto G2 and now being used again for the Moto One Fusion, which seems like a setup down version of the Moto One Fusion Plus.

What’s Moto One Fusion anyway?

Apart from that currently not much information is present for these devices, but as per the names of them, this will be a part of the One series of Motorola devices. This means we can expect Motorola to continue it’s Android One program with Google which promises speedy and timely Android updates.

Moreover, coming back to the names again the Motorola One Fusion Plus and the One Fusion could bring a combination of all the current One device features into one single package thus the name One Fusion.

So, we might get the One Vision’s night mode ability, One Zoom’s Ultra Zooming ability, One Hyper’s Ultra-Fast 45W charging and 64 MP Camera, One Action’s action camera, One Macro’s macro cam and One power’s huge 5000mAh battery all of it in a single fusion.

What else more can we add to the Fusion, probably Moto-Mods ? However, expect a 60Hz refresh rate display on both these devices as that will be the new norm from now on.

Motorola One Fusion Plus and One Fusion Specs

Image Credits: onleaks

Update 21/4/2020: Motorola One Fusion+ will have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 Chip and 6G RAM Confirmed now

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And separating the One Fusion Plus from the regular One Fusion will be the onboard specs, which we believe to be better this time around. As the completion is heating up already with the likes of Xiaomi, Realme, Oppo, poco and the rumored One Plus Z.

We speculate that the more powerful Motorola One Fusion Plus will bring the powerful Snapdragon 765 (which the Motorola Edge is also using) with 6GB RAM and 128GB storage options, while the more regular Moto One Fusion will settle for a Snapdragon 730 and 4GB RAM/64GB storage option.

However, but one also shouldn’t deny that since these seems like upper mid-range budget phones which we’re talking references from its codename from its ancestor which was a hit budget phone. Motorola might also throw in something around the lines of a Qualcomm Snapdragon 712 or a Snapdragon 730 (we’re RIGHT again). So, don’t rule out the possibility of these chips ending up on the Motorola One Fusion series.

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Lastly, talking about the Price of Motorola One Fusion Plus which could retail anywhere from $299 to $320 (13K INR to 16 INR) as that void for moto is still not covered, considering only the South American markets got the much anticipated One Zoom and One Hyper models. Finally the One Fusion could cost around $199 to $229 (11K INk to 13k INR).

Stay Tuned for more updates, as in the next coming weeks we will learn more about the upcoming Motorola One Fusion and One Fusion Plus.

Source: EvLeaks , 91mobiles


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