A piece of good news is here Moto Z4 Force is happening rejoice Moto-fans our flagship pride is finally arriving. Motorola has been doing a lot of Camera centric devices lately and now from a famous Motorola fan page Motorola Latino has posted few images of an upcoming premium Motorola smartphone which has a pop-up camera for the selfie.

So, now this moto smartphone is having a popup rising camera, which means the front is bezel-less and free of any notch or punch hole a full-screen edge-to-edge like the Motorola Razr M and Razr i was deemed to be. According to popular reports, these will be the upcoming flagship Moto Z4 Force with high-end specs yes a Snapdragon 855+ 6GB+ RAM and 128GB+ Storage will be offered on the Moto Z4 Force.

Now the pop-up camera is obviously mechanical and rises up when you hit the front camera button in the camera app, the speed of the pop-up camera is yet to be seen, but that’s not the only interesting thing with these Motorola Z4 Force is that there’re no Moto-Mods here, yes that did hit us by a twisty surprise. However, that’s not it! the rear gets a completely revamped design with an interesting looking ring light that is around a fingerprint scanner.

Image Credits: Motorola Latino America | Motorola Moto Z4 Force

There is an LED flash next to the camera so that’s just a glowing ring around the Motorola batwing logo for notification, which we have seen before on the newly launched Motorola One Zoom. One more detail is that on the top front you can see a front-firing speaker on this device.

You get some highly advanced set of cameras according to the images you can see how important is given to the lenses with them settled within a vertical raised strip. Definitely you will get OIS with these pair of shooters on the Motorola Moto Z4 Force.

We are still not sure whether these Moto Z4 Force will carry Motorola’s famous Shatter Shield technology or not. Now what we have found out is that why we’re calling it the Moto Z4 Force is because this has a similar same Wallpaper from the Moto Z4. But earlier this year, we have reported about the upcoming Moto G8 and the Moto G8 Plus which also had a full-screen bezel-less display and no notch or punch hole on the front. Which means this device might also end up as a Moto G8 rather than a flagship moto z4 force.

Image Credits: XDA developers | Right-sided popup camera Motorola smartphone

The Specs reported from the source were not 100% confirmed so the possibility of these devices being a Moto G8 is also well alive or all upcoming Motorola devices will have popup camera including the Moto Z4 Force as well as the Moto G8 because both these devices have different wallpapers set on them maybe by someone or by the OEM testing facility itself.

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Anyways we’re really happy to see Motorola also trying out new things and on the rear, we can see the return of the Droid 4 and Droid X like branding.

via: motorola latino fanpage


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