A new OnePlus smartphone has been seen in an image which supposed to be taken in a confidential meeting of the company and we can see in the presentation within the photo, that they’re talking about a new OnePlus device which is being displayed on the large TV. Moreover, you can also see some executives of the company also physically have the phone in their hands and testing it, while another OnePlus 2019 phone is lying around the table.

You can see in the image below a red and white OnePlus 2019 prototype phones are there and speaking from the designs perspective, this OnePlus 2019 probably the OneOPlus 7 will have a huge camera hump with that Moto Z style looking rear design.

Image Credits: Slashleaks & ishanagarwal

The rear camera module is huge and is divided into two parts with the flash in between. So, this means this OnePlus 7 2019 smartphone will have more than two camera’s along with focusing assisting tech. Moving further, the front is not seen very clearly and we assume that this will either have that dew drop display or the newly trending hole in the display for placing the front camera.

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Furthermore, the device appears to be quite thin and will definitely have an in-display fingerprint scanner as the back panel is free of any scanner placement. Specs will be top notch with the Snapdragon 855 or similar powering it with 10GB RAM and 128GB, 256GB storage options. The device is also believed to keep out beloved headphone jack and will have a more improved version of Dash charging.

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With these images now out, it hints us that OnePlus is working hard on getting the camera on its next flagship killer right and will definitely be on par with the king of the smartphone camera’s that’s the Google Pixel series. Pricing for the OnePlus 7 will slightly be a little more premium at $600 and above but will be below $799.

Update 1: Faster storage with UFS 3.0

OnePlus 7/7T 2019 will be the Fastest phones ever with UFS 3.0 storage which will benefit the device with ultra fast read-write speeds and much more. You read more about the benefits and evidence by reading it here.

Update 2: Wireless Charging for OnePlus 7/7T 2019

Oppo has joined the Wireless Charging Consortium which means they’re planning to bring the wireless charging to it’s premium devices and being the parent organization of OnePlus, this tells us that the upcoming budget killer flagship OnePlus 7/7T 2019 will have the wireless charging feature.

OnePlus is already leading the fastest charging android handset with it’s Dash charging tech and now with wireless charging along with Oppo’s proprietary tech we can expect some improved wireless charging speeds with the upcoming OnePlus 7T/7 2019.

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