Ever since the flagship OnePlus 6 was launched by OnePlus back in May, its users have been able to access Android Pie, the ninth revision of this widely used OS on their phones right away but that was only meant for the developer’s community of OnePlus 6. Last week through a company’s statement it became clear that Android Pie beta might arrive on OnePlus 6 starting this week. Allegedly users would be able to join the OxygenOS beta program for Android Pie.

The post doesn’t clearly denote exactly as Android Pie but it is going to be the first beta program for Android Pie for OnePlus 6 & Android Pie is already dropped as a preview for the much popular HydrogenOS version which is much popular for Chinese users before any official announcement for the global OxygenOS. Now diving into the past, Google had released the first developer preview of Android Pie at the I/O 2018 back in March 2018. Unlike some time ago, Android Pie beta is not only limited to Google Pixel. That’s all because of the Project Treble that other Android smartphone users other than Google Pixel got to experience the taste of Android Pie & OnePlus 6 users group is one of them.

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If we look at the company’s history, the predecessors of OnePlus like 3/3T & 5/5T made it to the outgoing program of Android Oreo. It was quite likely that OnePlus 6 will also get the beta testing program for Android Pie. As discussed above there are no second thoughts that HydrogenOS is the one that’s gonna use the beta program. Although Android Pie is ready for the OnePlus 6 to try the flavor of Pie, it comes with a catch.

So to the disappointment, it adds up that this closed beta program that’s touted by OnePlus is up only for up to one hundred OnePlus 6 devices out of the hundreds & thousands of OnePlus 6 devices out there. Now, that’s nearly negligible to the amount of OnePlus 6 users OnePlus have across the globe. But to add sweetness to this Pie it is not much away from the release of an Open Beta program that goes live for every OnePlus 6 users to join the program freely.

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Despite having a OnePlus 6 device you need to have an active OnePlus community member in order to participate in the Closed Beta program & also provide the valuable feedback to the developer team.

Join the Closed Beta program for OnePlus 6 users

To join the Closed Beta program just visit this link on survey money created by OnePlus and not us. Before joining kindly note that this isn’t going to be a stable version & you’re bound to be introduced to some bugs that will gradually be taken into consideration to improve as a feedback you provide to the team. Go ahead & enjoy the taste of android Pie.

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