The Asus Max Pro M1 is the best budget smartphone of 2018 and the device is hight capable on the hardware side and seems like on the software side it will be the same story as the release date for Android Pie 9.0 Update for the Asus Max Pro M1 has now been revealed in a recent chat. And from that, the Android Pie 9.0 Update for the Asus Max Pro M1 is set around mid to late February 2019, that means within early Q1 2019.

As you can see in the screenshot below, the customer representative mentions about that the Update status is up and it’s under testing, which means the internal teams are testing it before a beta release, which will probably happen at the beginning of Jan 2019 before we see a stable release near late Feb 2019. And this time Software Updates will be much faster due to Project Treble, which separates the vendor concerns from the Android OEMs, thus faster updates rollouts will happen.

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Image Credits : slashleaks. com

This is a pretty good news for the Asus┬áMax Pro M1 users as the confirmation of the update is done and now we also know when to expect the latest flavor of Android for the device. And it isn’t far away like in mid-August like some Samsung phones get it. This also shows how serious Asus is about offering software support for its budget phones, which usually don’t get much love as seen before.

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The newest update for the Asus max pro M1 will bring a completely revamped navigation system to Android which changes the way you navigate around your device as gestures will be used this time. Get to your apps even faster with Android Pie 9, moreover, you also get other features such as adaptive brightness and battery, app limitations by setting up timers, multiple Bluetooth connections, enhanced notification system and much more in a more minimalistic user interface.

Via: slashleaks



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