As we move closer to the launch of the Samsung’s next big thing which is we all know the Galaxy Note 9, more information gets pop on the company’s internal changes. And now a major change has occurred within the supplier of company’s printed circuit boards for its camera modules has been changed suddenly from a decade old trustable supplier to a new one now. According to the well known South-Korean news source, thebell which reports that Samsung has taken these steps to create competition among vendors to reduce the cost of these components.

Which leads to the fact that Samsung mobile’s poor performance in the recent quarter and the sluggish sales of the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+. So, Samsung needs to compensate somewhere else to bring costs down and get things even and this is one such proof of that to go with a vendor who offers the lowest price but not necessarily that component is of mediocre quality.

This further also hints about, Samsung could also be investing in a lot of R&D this year to bring innovation on its next year’s 10th anniversary big deal, that’s the Galaxy S10 trio(S10 mini, S10 standard, and S10 Plus) which goes by the code names beyond 0, 1 and 2 respectively. R&D spendings might not only be flowing in for the next top Galaxy, but there’s a good chance that Samsung is moving forward in the foldable smartphones direction and finishing what’s left of the foldable Galaxy X or whatever they plan to call it.

Where’s the funding going: Galaxy X ?

As it was reported earlier that, Samsung is thinking to pioneer and lead the foldable smartphone segment and while first gen won’t be up to mark; the South-Korean giant will bet bog on the second gen of foldable smartphones to make it the norm before Apple or any other Chinese OEMs does so, especially Huawei who’s smartphone business is now skyrocketing and could pose a substantial threat to Samsung after Apple.

The company now Samsung deals with has a business history of over 3 years, while the one earlier has been since over more than 3 decades, however, the new company Newflex has been doing business with giants like LG Electronics and all its subsidiaries as well. However, the source also makes it clear that Samsung is not abandoning its old vendors and will use a combination of both new ones and also from established giants. Like the Galaxy S9 standard variant has the components from Daedeok GDS, while the S9 Plus had it from NewFlex.

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Moreover, it is also mentioned that NewFlex which is Samsung’s new partner is also actively engaging with Samsung’s  Galaxy S10 development. And the new vendor has already supplied parts to Samsung for the Galaxy Note 9 at a much reasonable price compared to its traditional suppliers.

With that said, Samsung is reducing component costs and we hope it doesn’t affect the end consumer, and a Galaxy Note 7 fiasco shouldn’t ever happen again. While we are excited to see what Samsung offers with the Galaxy S10 making it the most memorable 10th anniversary of any Smartphone makers, 2019 is going to be full of surprises.

Source: thebell (translated)


  1. Samsung currently provides the best camera experience in business and still their sales are sluggish, so changing the vendor could also portray a negative image and hurt their sales even more. Just my 2 cents,


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