Samsung’s Galaxy Fold was a resounding step into the future of foldable smartphone technology and we applaud Samsung for being so brave. However, things are not looking great after numerous reports about the Galaxy Fold cracking, breaking and literally stops working after a couple days of normal to medium usage. It’s not that we’re looking making the Galaxy Fold look bad, but even after testing that hinge and display, how did this happen ? How did this flaw got passed into production?

As you can see in the images below, where after a usage of couple of days or in some cases weeks, the Galaxy Fold’s one side completely stopped working. While in other images/tweets you can see the screen cracking at the bottom where the device folds.


Video Credits: CNBC

After all these damages coming from top tech youtubers, some of them had one thing in common that was peeling of what seems to look like a generic plastic screen protector on the Galaxy Fold, was instead found out to be a protective layer for the Galaxy fold, which one shouldn’t remove as it will cause damage to the display.

However, this information was not delivered to the reviews as their units didn’t have had any such warnings when they *UNFOLDED* their galaxy fold smartphone. This screen protector issues was later brought to to light by T-mobile’s content creation director by sharing a picture of the warnings for the protector as well as in a reply to MKBHD by Samsung themselves admitting that the screen protector shouldn’t be removed and they will make sure this warning is readable for everyone.


However, what about the other units, which still had their protector’s on? Well, it seems like with a person’s normal smartphone usage, the wear and tear will eventually cause the screen protector to peel off at some point and that’s Samsung’s engineering flaw and not the customer’s responsibility.

This surely got the Samsung Galaxy Fold some really bad PR, however, Samsung has immediately launched a full fledged investigation on the same. Or maybe as it is also possible that a particular batch could have has that defect, which sometimes happen’s and similar to like car manufacturers announcing callbacks.

But the damage is done and this did put on some bad name to the foldable tech and instead of pioneering future we will now see worries in consumer’s mind about a foldable smartphone next time.

For now, Samsung is investigation phase and we will keep this updated as the results comes out from this scenario, until then just stay away from the Galaxy Fold.


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