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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is about to get unveiled next month and most probably on August 9th and as we move closer to the launch new leaks are just popping up shedding more light on Samsung’s next big thing. And an image of what appears to the poster of the Galaxy Note 9 which has appeared on Facebook shows us the device from the rear and we can clearly see the back panel with that Dual camera setup(also a couple of sensors are present near it) and the new fingerprint scanner location as well. Moreover, on the bottom side, we have the 3.5mm headphone jack, speaker grill, the chamber for the S-pen and the USB Type-C charging port is also present.

Galaxy Note 9 + S-pen = New remote control?

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Speaking about the S-pen you can see the new stylus in all its glory and looks like this one in that glowing yellow shade, with a button at the middle, which has been rumored to have some functionality such as this will trigger the selfie camera to take a selfie which is a great idea. Apart from that, this also opens many possibilities such as remotely taking a call and putting it on speaker, trigger Bixby maybe? but you need to carry that S-pen around for such convenience.

Furthermore, at the bottom of the poster, it says the maybe the tagline which is “The new super powerful Note”. With Samsung fully embracing and sending a message to its rivals that the most powerful Android smartphone in the form of its Galaxy Note is about to take over everyone. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with its premium features and build quality which seems like its predecessor but this time new color options such as brown and purple are also coming will easily pass the $800 mark for the base variant. While the top shelf variant is said to pass the $1000 mark, with 256GB or 512GB internal storage options.

Update 1: Galaxy Note 9 spotted 

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As you can see in the image mentioned above the design matches to that of the leaked poster and the case leaks we have seen earlier. This picture was taken when Samsung CEO was spotted using a mysterious phone, but after analysis, it was concluded that it’s none other than the upcoming Galaxy Note 9. You can see him interacting with the Stylus, and see a glimpse of the rear design as well.

In this new leaked image, you can see the rear and front as well, on the rear dual camera setup, you will now find additional sensors next to the LED flash. Which is speculated to be laser auto-focusing system or Samsung’s traditional heart rate monitoring sensor for its S-health app.

Moreover, it also appears to be a little sleeker as it was reported that Samsung’s VP ordered to tone down the device’s thickness after getting his hands-on smartphones of Xiaomi, Huawei, and Vivo. You can learn more about that here.


Update 2: massive 4000mAh Battery on the Note 9

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 just passed the Brazilian equivalent of FCC and documents regarding the same reveals that the handset will carry a massive 4000mAh power pack and also it is capable of wireless charging.

Speaking about Wireless charging, a new 25w FAST wireless charging-pad is also on its way. But there’s a catch, that you will need to charge two devices for it to use the full 25W power and that other device is the rumored Galaxy Watch; well, played Samsung.

Update 3: a 512GB model is coming and will break your bank

Samsung will, at last, have the 512GB internal storage model for the Galaxy Note 9 and it will be the top of the line variant and will also be the most expensive Galaxy Note ever. The pricing for the 512GB variant of the Galaxy Note 9 according to the infamous leakster Roland Quandt is more than 1250 Euros, which translates to $1462 US.

While the base model will now start from 128GB which is doubled from last years 64GB model and will retail for 1050 Euros ($1220 US). Which puts the handset in iPhone X top spec territory. So, this better have some mind-boggling camera and not the same one from the Galaxy S9+.

The Galaxy Note 9 will arrive in Black, Blue and Purple shades for the 512GB variant in Europe, however which colors are coming to the US and Asian markets are still not unclear. And it’s good to see these top-end models are at last making it’s way out of South-Korean for the first time.

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