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One of the Samsung’s Upcoming Wireless charging EP-P3100 revealed by the infamous leakster Roland Quandt, with new high quality renders from all angles. The new wireless charger from the South-Korean giant looks pretty sleek and seems like Samsung is following Apple’s lead here by making stylish accessories for its smartphones.

New Charger leaked

You can see the renders of the device below and now take a look at another variant of the wireless-pad, the EP-P3100 might be a modular pad? And could fit into the larger pad(model number EP-N6100), or maybe a completely sperate charging accessory.

The Wireless Charger is rated at 25W which qualifies as a fast charger but as per early reports the Charger won’t charge a standalone single device two devices are needed to use the full 25W.

This standalone fast-charger might be used for just a single device and might be a cheaper version of the whole Charging Duo. Pricing for this model is expected to start from $45 to $50 at max.

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New S-pen Leaks

Moreover, the Galaxy Note 9’s main accessory is the Stylus the S-Pen will pack some new tricks up its sleeves such as wireless abilities. Below are some new renders of the upcoming S-pen in different shades.

Speaking about the wireless abilities, the S-Pen might act as a remote to control various aspects of the device without touching the phone. Triggering Bixby, how about that? We have new colors for the S-pen revealed in this new renders, it’s raining renders today, isn’t it?

New investigation from XDA developers who discovered some possible wireless functionality associated with the S-pen by digging deep into the leaked Galaxy Tab’s firmware code of the Air-command. And here’s what they found out and this one is far from gimmicks:

Highlights of the New S-pen
  • Ability to Play and Pause Music remotely
  • Long-pressing of the S-pen’s button has the ability to launch an App
    – Customizable presses for short, long and double
  • Third-party App integration is also possible
  • A Remote Camera shutter button is also reported

That’s a pretty neat list of tricks that the new S-pen will arrive with, but also do note that replacing the S-Pen this around could also get expensive. Let’s us know your thoughts on these features of the upcoming Galaxy Note 9 and the brand new S-pen.

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