Samsung’s Galaxy S9+ which is currently running on Android Oreo 8.x.x will be deliberately updated to Android Pie 9.0 which is the latest flavor of Android in town. As a Galaxy S9+ on GFXBench has been spotted running on Android Pie 9.0. This is an Exynos based model of the Galaxy S9+ which as we already know uses the 9810 processor. Means, the regions where Samsung sells the Exynos variant could be first in line if the South-Korean giant starts seeding the beta testing for Android Pie 9.0.

The Codename for this is OS version update is NVALID Android Samsung-ss Edition which is reported to be indeed the official name for Galaxy S9+ Android Pie 9.0 Update, in the S series line-up; at least for the Exynos variant. So, in the coming months, the first beta roll out for Android Pie 9.0 could begin in Samsung’s home country, that’s South-Korea being the first one to receive this highly awaited Android Update.

Galaxy S9+ Android Pie 9.0 Update
Image Credits: Weibo | Image shows the Samsung Galaxy S9+ running on Android Pie 9.0, benchmarked on GFXbench

Followed by the Exynos version, the Snapdragon variant which is sold in the US and around the globe should also see the Beta update by the end of 2018. You might be thinking that things are moving very quickly this time around? Which is a good thing and this is because of Project Treble, which separates the concerns of software driver updates from OEM and Chip vendors.

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And Samsung being the sole OEM as well as the chip maker of Exynos and S9 itself, could be another reason why we’re able to see such quick response towards the Galaxy S9+ Android Pie 9.0 Update. As far as the Android Pie 9.0 Update for the newly launched Galaxy Note 9 is concerned it might take some time and we think the stable version could arrive by early 2019. Lastly, Samsung has also released a new Android Go edition smartphone, the Galaxy J2 Core for $100.

Source: Weibo


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