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Samsung unveils world’s first LPDDR5 DRAM memory which comes at a whopping 8Gigs and is the setting stone for the next 5G revolution which promises ultra-fast data speeds. This new class 10nm LPDDR5 DRAM is highly capable of data speeds up to 6,400 megabits per second which is about 1.5 times faster than current generation premium memory chips. Which means transferring a file of size 51GB within a second, which is absolutely insane.

Apart from that, this new memory chip will be made available in two configuration one with 1.1 Volts with 6,000 Mbps speeds and another one with 1.05 Volts at speeds up to 5,500 Mbps.  Samsung has achieved this by doubling the number of bank cells from eight to sixteen without increasing the power consumption; Samsung promises about 30% reduction in power savings. It is highly configured to avoid any overwrites with cells which contain 0 value.

With that said, Samsung’s new 8GB LPDDR5 chips will be seen in most 2019 flagships and also on the Galaxy S10 and the Galaxy Note 10th anniversary. Increasing growth in the field of AI and the upcoming 5G revolution is what these new chips are aimed for and thus also gives an idea on what to expect next, from the mobile industry and the current developments in AI aren’t there just for gimmicks. Lastly, Samsung also confirms that all the testing of these new premium memory chips are completed and the manufacturing will start in its Pyeongtaek facility in South-Korea.


Source: Samsung pressroom



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