Update: The New Security Update was also captured in Mexico for the One Zoom and should be spreading to other regions in the coming weeks, Motorola doing a good job with the One Zoom, despite it not being an Android One device.

Image Credits: Alma Egerton


Motorola One Zoom is now receiving a major security update that is the September first security patch. This was first spotted on Weibo and the highlight, as usual, includes the main security patch and stability improvements. The version number seems to be PPH 29.59.49 and is over the air most probably in the Chinese region.

With the October Security already out the September isn’t the most latest one, however, the Motorola One Zoom isn’t android one device and still managed to get a fairly new security patch.

Image Credits: @sunniton | weibo profile
Image Credits: weibo

The September security patch fixes the local malicious Media Framework bug, which could let any remote attacker using a specifically targetted file to execute arbitrary code within the context of a process that has a privilege of top-level access.

Such updates don’t appear in all regions at once but move across the globe in phases covering one region at a time. So, please be patient while it raches your region, until then you can keep manually monitoring for the September 1st security update on your Motorola Zoom by going into About Phone, System Software Updates. Currently, the update has been spotted over the air in China.

Also, it is recommended that you download such updates over Wi-fi rather than mobile data to avoid any extra charges, as such security updates can sometimes be in gigabytes or in three-digit megabytes.

Apart from that, the Motorola One Zoom has been a tremendous success in the markets it has been launched and with it’s 10X optical zoom ability and Night mode which is on par with the pixels of the world has earned it a good reputation among mobile photography lovers.

Source: weibo



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