Playstaion 5 showcased

Sony PlayStation 5 which will be the upcoming console from the Japanese giant has been now leaked in all its glory. The popular gaming console leaked in the images below showcases the new design that the PS4 successor will carry and from the looks of it we can say that this is packing a lot of horsepower under the hood to handle next-gen console games which will be in 4K resolutions, and you can make that out from those massive Quad exhaust vents at the back as shown below.

The release date of the PlayStation 5 is still way far in early 2020 but this early images leaked from a Russian publication has previously also reported accurate about the Google Pixel 3 before anyone else, so this might be credible but to what extent? Still remains to be seen.

Moreover, as you can see in the images, these aren’t captured in the wild but the anonymous person who took these images had access to it and in another picture of the leaked PlayStation 5, you can see it has some firmware installed but as per that user it only boots in safe mode. Other than that, the PlayStation 4 controller is also reported to be working with this which is a relief, while Virtual-Reality will be another focus-point with this new Gen PlayStation 5 console.

PlayStation 5 Expected Specs and features

  • 4K or 8K rendering
  • 120 FPS
  • Virtual Reality enhancements
  • Better Motion Controllers
  • Upto 4TB SSD storage

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PlayStation 5 price

As we move further in the gaming console era, the gap between raw horse-power might begin to close down between the PCs and consoles, but then again you can do a lot more with a PC as PC master race will argue. As the gap becomes narrower with Consoles becoming more powerful, and the PlayStation 5 will be the first one to pioneer that followed by the X-Box One 2020.

Lastly, the outer shell is subject to change on this prototype looking PlayStation 5 leak and we might see more concrete info on the same in the coming months. Speaking about it’s price, the console will start at $499 and the top of the line variant might cost $599 or more if they launch an 8K edition.

Source: Rozetked


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