Sony has announced the world’s first super high-resolution (8000 x 6000) camera sensor which will blow away anything from the likes of Huawei’s P20 Pro and the Nokia 1020 and similar and is on par with decent SLP cameras. The new  IMX586 tries to achieve this by taking a huge leap in terms of megapixel by using 48 effective megapixels*2 to achieve very highly detailed shots. However, the pixel size is smaller on this one at just 0.8 Micron, which in theory means the images tend to have more noise and crap quality in low-light.

But Sony also has a solution for this and has achieved stellar results by implementing a Quad Bayer Color filter array which gets its adjacent pixels to resemble the same color and thus delivering the ability to shoot in low-light with less noise, the image taken will be similar to a 1.6 Micron size pixel.

Image Credits: sony. com

Moreover, when you pixel peak into an image taken from the new Sony IMX586, you will find better details and fewer artifacts as well. So zooming will be another application when you so have so much pixel data to work with. And the same is evident in the image shown above.

So, you might be thinking is this suitable for camera’s and you might end up with a huge camera bump on your smartphone? Well, that’s not the case here, Sony has also taken care of that and made the IMX586 pretty compact at 8.0 mm diagonal, so no protruding camera hump on smartphones.

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Another major thing sony promises here is Four times better Dynamic range with this sensor, that too real-time than its previous ones.

Image shows the size of Sony IMX586 Sensor

The new Sony IMX586 sensor first sample will start shipping from September 2018 and each unit of the new sensor will cost $27 or 1900 INR.

Furthermore, this also tells us what can we expect from smartphones coming in 2019 will have solid camera capabilities and this sensor will make its way on most flagship smartphones as well as on many upper-mid range devices as well.

Via: Sony


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