Smartphone reviews are everywhere nowadays almost everyone is doing it, you can now even find regional small channels giving out reviews of Android smartphones and other similar products. However, how many of them are honest unpaid reviews? Have you ever thought about it, whether the channel/person giving the review is paid by the company (sponsored) or whether he’s just letting out his honest thoughts to you after using it? Many such channels could be sponsored while other might not be and since following the Android smartphone reviews scene since 2010 now, we think we have figured that which YouTube Channels and website will provide you with 100% Honest Smartphone reviews. These individuals cannot be bought by anyone and there are fully committed to bringing your their honest thoughts about the product whether it makes their relationship with a certain manufacture salty or not. So, here are the best YouTube Channels for Honest smartphone reviews.

And in this post, we will take a look at who are these individuals and next time when you’re on a hunt for the most trusted and honest Android smartphone review which will further influence your next purchase. These are the places you should checkout, before buying any smartphone.

This doesn’t mean that other YouTubers and websites are paid or any less credible, they’re also a good source for android reviews, but the following individuals are just what we personally trust have seen them that much better at doing this. So, now without wasting any time, let’s see where to find the best and honest Android smartphone reviews. Some of them might be already familiar to you, while some are just under-rated.

Top 5 YouTube Channels to get honest smartphone reviews



Yes, you saw this coming already, but MKBHD is undeniably the best reviewer out there when it comes to honest to the point, no bullshit Android smartphones. MKBHD not only explains why you should buy the smartphone but also gives his own insights on why he choose the one, besides others. Moreover, the presentation of his reviews are top-notch and you don’t find much-sponsored content except for some D-brand skins here and there. Plus, MKBHD isn’t biased towards a popular or a particular Android OEM brand, thus producing a solid and reliable set of points on why you should consider the device or just literally asks you to stay away from it, which sometimes requires a lot of guts to straightaway deny something, no matter it’s made by a how big of a brand.

You get my point here, so next time when looking for some solid smartphone advice, just go to his channel. However, some of you may complain what about budget phones? MKBHD doesn’t cover the global budget phones, where to find trusted reviews about that? Well, the next choice on this list is where your answer is.


#2 GeekyRanjit

Geekyranjit is an Indian smartphone reviewer on YouTube and is well known for his super in-depth and honest smartphone reviews. He not only has a better reviewing system with a classical pros and cons layout for consumer’s good understanding, he goes one step up ahead and compares the device with Android smartphones that are also available in the same range, category. You will find a rich source of information on his channel with separate Smartphone camera reviews, gaming, and device heat test reviews under real-world scenario and stress testing. And as I said earlier, not only flagship but Android smartphones from all segment be it an entry-level device or a mid-range budget phone, everything is covered here.

Another thing is that and can be touted as a big achievement is that Geekyranjit doesn’t do any giveaways at all and everything you see is purely driven by organic traffic. Which tells us that how focused the channel is to offer honest quality content. And we also hope to replicate something similar maybe.


#3 Mr. Mobile (Michael Fisher)

A former member of the Pocketnow website/channel and the owner of on YouTube, Mr. Fisher will calm you down on the next purchase of your device with his soothing voice and minimalist but through the approach of telling a story on whether you should pick that device or kick it. The reviews that Mr. Mobile produced are top notch in quality and visuals as well as a satisfying sense of honesty is what you will feel when you watch them.

Mr. Mobile back at Pocketnow also made reviews of the Android device after say 10 months or a year on how the device has been aging when everyone forgets about it. Mr.Fisher was and is ready at your service to offer insights on a 1-year-old device.

The folk here from my experience of watching him since the beginning (pocketnow days) is what makes me want to again re-watch his take on the device even after you watch MKBHD or any other channel, that’s how good it gets. That final piece of confirmation is what offers and presents its thoroughly and that’s why you should trust him on the next purchase of your Android smartphone.

Mr. Mobile

#4 Flossy Carter 

Not many might have heard of him but if you’re looking for a long set of honest reviews on Android smartphones, flossy carter is your next destination to find out whether that device is worth your time or not. The review process is in-depth and your boy takes his own sweet time to explain his experience with the device.

Apart from that, you will also find a huge list of accessories reviews related to that smartphone as well. Be it that transparent case or that Otterbox tough armor your boy Carter has got them all. The reviews here are formatted in a way such that you feel your best pal is telling you every nifty little bit of in detail, which for some might feel personal; also if some part of that device is crap then that’s being told straight away no rambling around on its okay or take it as a compromise, if it’s bad it is period. One of the best YouTube Channels for Honest smartphone reviews.

Flossy Carter

#5 Droid-Life

One of the oldest Android smartphone community serving till this day with excellent smartphone reviews, mainly on their website, with full an analysis of every aspect of Android phones. Droid-life has been around since the early Verizon droid day’s and still preps out quality content. They also do a Live podcast and talk in depth about the particular device they will be reviewing or after reviewing on how it’s holding up.

Droid-life might be super active like its glory days but enough to let you know everything about the latest smartphones and its reviews with pure honesty.

Droid Life

Honorable mentions of YouTube Channels for Honest smartphone reviews

  • Android Authority

  • Theverge

  • Pocketnow

  • iGyann

  • Gsmarena


  • Phoneradar

With that said, these are our top picks on go to honest, straight to the point android smartphone reviews, that have stayed reliable since past more than 5 years or so. However, like we said earlier, other new channels are good sources and might in some cases provide very high-quality content compared to these; say something like theverge and similar. But at the end of the day this is just a personal opinion and do not think other channels are absolutely paid or sell sponsored reviews, that’s not the case.

Do let us know in the comment section below which are your favorite go-to YouTube Channels for Honest smartphone reviews?





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