As the October 15 launch date of the Google Pixel 4 and the Pixel 4XL comes closer, more and more real-life images of Google’s flagship offering for this year. And as you can see in the images below, the Pixel 4XL is held next to the iPhone 11 Pro, you can clearly see the design similarities of the Android poster child.

Of course, the Pixel 4XL will excel in the camera department due to its solid camera history we trust in and might even pass the 11 Pro; but why is it that the search Giant with a line-up of top HTC designers and engineering team up its disposal taking design cues from the fruit company’s hero?

To Position itself as the Top Tier Premium from the House of Android

The Pixel Sales are poor compared to the iPhone last year, but does Google think that making it somewhat look like the iPhone, positions it as a premium device? However, this is not even the completely good inspiration for the design aspects of their flagship, Google has borrowed the worst parts of the iPhone 11 Pro, and has kept the front fascia of the Pixel XL even until this date a bezel jungle.

Didn’t follow the good parts

Image Credits: evleaks and slashleaks

Even brands like LG has now got some thinner bezels, but those bezels on the Pixel 4XL looks nothing short of outdated. Yes, you need a comfortable firm grip to hold the phone from the sides, but at least let that chin go. And Nah! no headphone jack here. From a normal distance, the Pixel 4XL does look like an iPhone wannabe.

Fortunately, the Google Pixel 4XL will do come with a fast charger and Google being generous will also throw in a fast charger.

So, it doesn’t have to sell at an affordable Price

With probably a 90Hz display, the Pixel 4XL will be an expensive investment with a┬ásub-par design and is still going to cost you $899 and more for the top-specced variants. Also, as time passes by the Pixel 4XL with all its premiumness might doesn’t have to see any substantial price cuts. Just like the iPhone 11 Pro, which isn’t going to be any affordable atleast for the next 2 years to come.

But sadly that doesn’t work in the world of Android, but to escape that one could pit itself against Apple. If the Pixel 4XL is priced similar to the elites of the Android world like the Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus, it will be still hard to justify it at that price.

To sum it up, what you’re getting is an iPhone 11 Pro running Android, but just a little outdated looking, but still at a premium price. I think we need the nexus line-up back.



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