Samsung mobile is nowadays quite struggling to when it comes to functional innovation and which isn’t considered a gimmick by the industry. So, now the company is getting very serious about the whole foldable smartphone thing and is deeming to pioneer in this field, with the new Samsug Galaxy Fold. According to the most famous source from South-Korean, The Bell reports about Samsung taking bold steps and the Galaxy X which is the rumored foldable smartphone from the South Korean giant will get all the limelight and resources from the company for its development to present it to the consumers.

The need for this has arrived because Samsung’s mobile division is struggling a little because of sluggish sales of the Galaxy S9 and with the upcoming Galaxy Note 9 which we reported about earlier, might also be just a minor bump over its predecessor; say something like the Galaxy Note 8.1. So, tackle this scenario Samsung’s mobile division will turn to the Galaxy X’s development as per new reports suggesting that Samsung’s top-level executives met the bosses of Chinese OEMs such as Huawei, Vivo, and Xiaomi and testing their smartphone in a local shop has straight away resulted into a last minute change in the design of the Galaxy Note 9 by making it a bit thinner than it was earlier.

Image shows Samsung Chief VC Lee testing Chinese smartphones in Shenzhen’s shops

This thus says a lot that, Samsung is worried about Apple and other Chinese OEMs who are about the overpass it in the smartphone market, and Samsung is no longer competitive in the budget segment that area is now ruled by Xiaomi, Oppo, and Vivo. And at the top end premium segment, Huawei and Apple have shaken everything and are already playing with the foldable smartphone designs. So, there’s not much left and to take the risk and just go with the foldable smartphone technology and be the pioneer in this segment. For that, the Galaxy X or whatever they call it; has to leave the R&D department as soon as possible and get into the final consumer stage, before anything comes out from the House of Apple and other Chinese OEMs.

Moreover, this means the Galaxy X foldable smartphone might see a release before the end of 2019 and as per reports in mid-2019 probably after CES 2019. And by the time of 2020 most OEMs will have their first generation of foldable smartphones, Motorola the innovative tech titan was also spotted numerous times filing patents for foldable smartphones and tablets.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Latest Updates and Price

Update 3: In a new Galaxy Fold teaser which was leaked recently showcases the device in real life along with some real life usage scenarios. And we can clearly see the Galaxy Fold transforming from the size of a Galaxy S9 to a Tab. After the Galaxy Fold transforms into tab mode, you will be greeted by a massive 7-inch+ display which we hope is a Flexible AMOLED panel.

Moreover, here we have two display’s one on the outside when the device is in smartphone mode, while the other one is in the inside which is foldable and allows the galaxy fold to bend and greet you with a huge canvas to watch all you media content.

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Furthermore, the thickness is not that bad, but it’s quite thick but that’s okay for a first generation device. The bezels however shown here seems pretty unrealistic and it’s probably an visual editing job.

Next, up in another scene we have some women performing a baby sonography with a device attached to the USB port of the Galaxy Fold, which means will the Galaxy Fold also support some custom ad-ons to take advantage of it’s form factor, currently the world has seen modular phone in the form of Motorola’s Moto-Mods which is the best modular phone on the market right now, let’s see what samsung brings.

Galaxy Fold leaked Video

Update 2: Samsung as we already now know showcase it’s Foldable Galaxy Smartphone at an event a month ago and now we have a clear picture on where the foldable/bendable smartphone era will go. And as we reported earlier Samsung is very keen on delivering the world’s first proper working consumer grade foldable smartphone for everyday usage.

The model showcased previously in an event by the South-Korean giant was encased to hide the authentic design, which means the device is not thick as a brick which is what everyone envisions it to be, but rather a normal device profile with a little thickness of about 14mm.

Galaxy Fold name trademark by Samsung
Image Shows the latest Samsung Galaxy Fold name trademark filings

The is naming scheme it’s still unclear but fresh reports point out that it could be named as the Galaxy Fold. And an evidence is now also out supporting this claim; because a new trademark which was filed recently after the Galaxy Fold event has been spotted and you can clearly see the device name is Galaxy Fold.

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Image of Samsung Galaxy Fold
Image Shows the latest Samsung Galaxy Fold renders

Another new thing that we have are some renders which were made after taking into consideration the points that were told by the people who have actually witnessed the real thing, however, it still won’t be this slim so take this with a grain of salt, but yes they look really good for a first Generation Foldable Samsung smartphone.

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Samsung Galaxy Fold Price 

Expected price of the Samsung Galaxy Fold is around $1999 to $2499, because remember this is a first generation device and the company has spent billions of dollars on research and development and the technology is still in it’s infancy and not avant grade alike the current Note 9 or the Moto-Mods which were also avant class and consumer ready.

While the device is believed to be unveiled somewhere around early 2019 and by next year we will be looking at a much more refined version of the Galaxy Fold in it’s second avatar.

Excited for the foldable smartphone? Start saving now as the early limited versions will be quite expensive to get.

Via: thebell


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